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High paying, full-time roles

Companies based in the US, UK or UAE.
You'd be working out of India.
At least a 1.5x your current salary
Better work culture

Exclusively for the exceptional

Only for creative and marketing professionals
We help you refine your portfolio
Meet like-minded people

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We facilitate the interview, onboarding, and take care of everything else

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Will I need to pay?
You don’t need to pay anything for finding a job on our platform.
Are you a recruiting agency?

No. InCommon supports its partners in recruiting professionals for their teams, but we also remain your legal employer in your India and provide support for as long as you’re employed. This allows international companies to hire creative professionals outside of their country, while also offering creative professionals the legal protection and extended benefits of a full-time employee.

Is there any job placement guarantee?

No, there is no guarantee.

It depends on available opportunities and your skill set.

Getting a job

How do I apply for the jobs?
Our team will match you with relevant opportunities and reach out to you.
How will I be evaluated? Who will evaluate me?

Evaluation rounds and criteria are subject to the opportunity.

Typically, the evaluation consists of shortlisting based on portfolio, a technical interview by the InCommon team, and a partner company interview.

We will always stay in touch with you and share whatever information we have. There is 100% transparency throughout the process.

Are there any specific skill sets or experiences you are looking for?

No, we are looking for a wide range of creative and marketing skills. We hope to have something for everybody!

Who will be making the final decision about hiring me?

All final decisions related to hiring will be taken by our partner company.

Policies, compliance, and payments

Will I be working as a contractor?

No. You will be a full-time employee and receive the benefits that come along with it, such as holidays and severance requirements.

Who will I work for?

You will be employed full-time by InCommon in your country of residence, but your work will be 100% dedicated to the partner company that hires you. While InCommon handles all your contracts and benefits, you will be embedded in a team with the company that you’ve accepted a role with. 

What are the work timings?

Work timings will be determined by the partner company you will be working with. However, we typically engage in roles which are in the Indian time zone with 2 hours of overlap with the partner company's time zone.

What is the leave policy?

We have a standard leave policy as per India's holidays and regulations. However, in a few cases, the leave policy will be decided by the partner company you will be working with.

What other benefits do I get?

All benefits depend on the job opportunity.

What documents will I need to share?

The standard set of documents required by an Indian organization (employer).

What will be my tax requirements?

The standard tax requirements for a full-time employee in India working for an Indian organization.

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