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Zimo Media

ZIMO is all about helping brands, businesses, and creators stand out organically on social media through eye-catching photos, videos and graphics.

Based in Miami, FL, they offer content creation and graphic design, social media management, social media consulting, and brand development across multiple industries.


InCommon Hires


Saved annually on salaries

2.5 Weeks

Avg. time to hire an employee

Zimo Media 🤝🏻 InCommon

Established in 2021, Zimo's success story began with its dynamic founders, Isabella and Megan, and their exceptional service quality. As their workload surged, they needed a Video Editor. That's when they discovered InCommon. After hiring Parnika, a recommended candidate of high quality, InCommon went further by helping Zimo navigate employment regulations and supplying tailored equipment for Parnika's role.

Though initial concerns about time zones arose, they vanished swiftly as Parnika's outstanding performance exceeded expectations. From the first week, she delivered impressive results. This experience convinced Zimo to hire another video editor in India, marking the beginning of their overseas team expansion journey.

Here's what Isabella had to say about InCommon -

Not only does the video editor have impressive skills, but they are also organized, team-oriented, and responsive. InCommon is a reliable recruiting partner that communicates efficiently via virtual meetings and emails. They have outstanding project management skills.

Isabella Zisman
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

InCommon Hires Snapshot


Video Editor


8 Years

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India Salary (in USD)


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Video Editor (Part-time)


3 Years

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India Salary (in USD)


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